The Complete Reference Guide to Japanese Science Fiction Posters From Around the World

The Complete Reference Guide to Japanese Science Fiction Posters

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The Art of Japanese Monsters - On Sale Now.
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Art of Japanese Monsters - Complete Information About All Versions

We have been getting a lot of questions about the two different versions of our book – The Art of Japanese Monsters, so we will try to give the complete lowdown
on them below:

Softcover Edition
Edition Size: 2,000 copies, Retail Price: $39.99

Similar to the softcover below but 208 pages instead of 232. Still 65 different films worth of poster art with tons of never-bef0re-seen rarities.

Hardcover Edition
Edition Size: 1,000 copies, Retail Price: Sold Out 

The greatest poster reference book on Japanese science fiction films ever produced. Feature poster artwork from 75 different films including The Godzilla, Gamera, Majin, and Mothra series, Rodan, Gappa, War of the Gargantuas, H-Man, and many more.

I promise that you will see posters/lobby cards that have not been printed in any other book before - Japanese or English, a majority of which have been culled from my extensive personal collection that I have been assembling for the past 30 years. This selection will be augmented by a few select pieces from collector friends worldwide.

Leatherbound Deluxe Edition
Edition Size: 100 copies, Retail Price: SOLD OUT

I have tried my best to make the Leatherbound Deluxe Edition a real keepsake, so it will include all the poster images from the regular hardcover, plus:
• Each copy will be hand-bound in heirloom quality leather
• 16 additional pages of posters will be included (248 total pages)
• An exclusive print from Hugo-Award winning artist Bob Eggleton.
• Each print will be autographed by Godzilla-series legends Akira Takarada and Haruo Nakajima
• Limited to 100 numbered copies.

Postage for orders outside the USA is as follows (all orders shipped Priority Mail): Canada $19.50, Asia, Australia, Europe (including the UK), and Japan $23.50.

If you would like to pay by paypal, you can send payment directly to: Info@Kaijuposters.com.
(We can also send you an invoice if you PM us your email address.)

If you would like to pay by check or money order, send payment to:
Sean Linkenback, POBox 47582, Atlanta, GA 30362

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